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Bees wildflower meadow flower seed mix | To create a little meadow flower patch
Plantable Birthday Card with wildflower bee seed mix
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Plantable Birthday Card with wildflower bee seed mix
Eco friendly cards with plantable paper in wildflower seed mix | The Luxe Co

Plantable Birthday Card with wildflower bee seed mix

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A handmade plantable birthday card to plant a wildflower meadow for the bee's.

Look after our planet and wow a loved one with our eco-friendly plantable birthday cards printed on plantable seed paper. That they can plant after using. Comes with additional bag of seeds to create a 'ooomphy' display.

Beautiful cards of white plantable paper embedded with Wildflower seeds for bee’s & butterflies.* Wildflower Mix. Mix varies by batch but will contain seeds such as poppy, daisy, ice plant, baby’s breath, forget-me-not). These are all British native species and our paper has been certified under the RHS Plants for Pollinators scheme.

Our seed card is handmade from cotton waste from the textile industry (that means old clothes that are turned into paper, mixed with seeds and then air dried to maximise chances of germinating /seed growth. Card is 100% tree-free and biodegradable and offers a sustainable option for gifting.

After the occasion instead of throwing away, plant the paper and watch flowers bloom. Use the additional seed mix to really pack a punch and create a gorgeous bee garden.

250gsm With FSC recycled envelope. In biodegradable cello wrap.

Cards are not personalised & read 'happy birthday'. Comes with 1x plantable card and 1x extra bag of seeds because we like our wild flowers WILD.


After use, soak card in water for 24-48 hours and transfer to compost before seed sprout. Water regularly - never let it dry, but also be careful not to overwater!

Tip: Warm temperatures and sunshine are a huge help in getting the seeds started.

A note from Clare about the project:

Anything to do with bee's & I'm fully on board. I love bee's, wildlife and being in nature. The Be Nothing Like Project is a project that is close to my heart. It's a range of products that speak to the soul, that are good for the planet and of course look super gorgeous. 

The best way to save our bees is to give them a habitat. And the best type of habitat is a lush wildflower meadow brimming with our native flowers, wildflowers and poppys. Have you ever walked past a patch of flowers, and stopped to look and realise that it’s literally alive with the movement of bees working away. Working bees = happy bees | Happy bees = happy planet.

Cards are blank inside

Note: pictures are of my little boy in our wildflower meadow. Planted with additional bags of seed to fill space as well as a few of these cards. We sell little bags of bees & butterfly wildflower meadow mixes to purchase separately and always carry a bag and scatter them wherever we go... because we're renegade planters! We can't be stopped ;-) 


Info about the little 5g seed packs that we sell separately. Sow our Wild Flower Seeds from late January until late October. So NOW is the perfect time to get growing. Clare's top tips on planting / sowing:

  1. Choose where you would like to grow your Wild Flowers. In a planter, directly in the ground?
  2. Rake the surface of the ground to about 1cm depth
  3. Shake the pack well to mix the wild flower seeds with the spreading compound
  4. Make sure that you don’t sprinkle the wild flower seeds too close together
  5. Sprinkle the seeds evenly and then immediately water
  6. Cover the seeds over to avoid them spoiling or being taken by birds and other wildlife
  7. Continue to water, but only lightly - try not to over water and take into account weather conditions
  8. Be patient , and after 4 to 8 weeks you will start to see the fruits of your labour
  9. Remember the colder it is the slower the germination process will be
  10. Please remember to be patient as the first year might only produce the leaves necessary for the flower to grow

You should get around 2 sq metre per each bag. Contained seeds example (but not limited to): Paper Daisy, Pheasant’s Eye, Pot Marigold, Cornflower, Dwarf Morning Glory, Corn Marigold, Evening Primrose, Forget-me-not, Four o’ Clock, California Poppy, Baby’s Breath, Corncockle, Love-in -a-mist, Corn Poppy, Golden Tickseed, Blue Lupin, Borage, Purple Tansy, Blanket Flower, Clarkia, Mixed Cosmos, Marsh Mallow and Clovers.