Pink tourmalines birthstone for October babies and birthdays

Pink Tourmalines - The birthstone for October


Hello October. Well actually 10 days in. A third of the way through October! Does life go faster the older we get? As we’re settling into the new school term, the half term is looming. It’s almost Halloween fancy dress time. Nearly time to drop the ‘C’ word (shhhh Christmas. shhh) . We‘ve had some major changes here and it feels nice to get back our new look / new branding, back to routine and back to getting organised. October is all about pink. Breast Cancer Awareness. Think pink. And it’s the birthstone month of Pink too.

Birthstone: Pink tourmaline { “tour-mah-lean”} ‘Tourmaline’ is the main birthstone of October. Derived from the word Turmali which translates to ‘mixed precious stone’ - tourmalines can range from a very pale pink to a reddish colour.

We use a beautiful light sparkly pink tourmaline in our birthstone cards for extra sparkle. Linked with love, spirituality and emotions. They are thought to release worries, stress, anxiety and represent friendship. They are considered to instil determination and commitment for the wearer.

Pink Tourmaline’s magic power is that they are one of the few crystals that can become electrically charged simply from rubbing or heating.

A Pink Tourmaline is given as a birthday birthstone gift for birthdays that fall in the month of October. Order and personalise your pink tourmaline crystal birth stone card online with our new online personaliser ‘view as you type’

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