Free card for Coronavirus key workers
Free card for Coronavirus key workers
Free card for Coronavirus key workers

Free card for Coronavirus key workers

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Free for Key Workers


***Very High Demand - Please allow us a few days for us to dispatch your free card there is only one of us in the office and we're getting a high volume of requests which we're working through order by order ***

Please note, this product is limited to 2 per customer. If you are in charge of a team of workers and would like to order more for your team, just drop us a line here and we will see what we can do.

In these crazy times we are living in, we want to help celebrate the key workers; Doctors, Nurses, NHS staff, Post men, Post ladies, Supermarket workers, Warehouse workers, Builders and anyone who's helping keep us healthy, keep us fed and keeping the country working during these times.

We bloody salute YOU, we love YOU and we want to say... Thank you for being our heroes.

This post card style card will be sent FREE OF CHARGE. All we ask for is the cost of materials, postage and packing. We'll also donate anything left from this to the NHS.

This card is not to receive thanks, it's to give thanks. Just place your order, we can send this to you to pass or post on to the recipient, or you can add your recipients name and address, this can be to a key worker you know or a ward, hospital, business or office and we'll send this directly to them. Please note: 1 per customer, we've had instances of people ordering 50 cards to just have in - which is just not possible for us to do or send in 1 envelope.

We'll make this, pack it and send it to them. It's going to be anonymous, but just to let them know they are being thought about. We'll add a note explaining that it is an anonymous gift of thanks for being heroes.

Comes with emergency service blue Envelope

As an online business we are currently still trading. We are operating a strict one in, one out policy and so only one person will be working at anyone time. So please bear with us as we work hard to get all of these cards out to our key worker heroes. Read the blog post as to why this started here