Gifting made easy

Most of us are super busy and pushed for time. When looking for a gift, we want to give something well made, stylish, useful and these days we're thinking more and more about the environment and the effects of each purchase.

Also most people literally have everything. What do you gift to someone that has everything? Giving a gift for the sake of gifting can be wasteful, unnecessary and just not needed.

Which is why we've created our card and candle bundles. Because everybody loves candles. A convenient and fast way for you to order your thoughtful personalised greetings card and pair this with a beautiful matching scented soy wax candle gift. That we hand make and pour in our studio alongside The Luxe Candle Co.

Some card designs have their own dedicated candle design. With the rest having our delicate rose water scented candle with pretty rose print.

- Saving you on shipping (over £50 is free shipping),

- Saving you time having to trawl the shops for uninspiring gifts just for the sake of having something to give, that will more than likely end up in landfill.

- Offering you a candle that's eco credentials tick all the right boxes: VEGAN FRIENDLY, NATURAL SOY WAX, HANDMADE IN SADDLEWORTH, WITH LOW CARON FOOTPRINT, No nasties, no lead, no petroleum, not tested on animals.

- That's affordable as it's only £15 add on!

- For a gift that everybody loves. Candles! This is one gift that won't be in landfill. And the candle tins can be re-used after the candle has gone as a bits and bobs tin.

Look at these stylish gift bundle beauty's