Personalised Photograph christmas card - to accompany santa cam
Real photo santa cam surveillance picture - evidence that santa really is watching
Get a photograph card sent to your child to prove that santa really is watching via your official santa cam | The Luxe Co
Send your picture to The Luxe Co to show santa and his elves are watching | Personalised Christmas Cards
Official santa cam by The Luxe Co

Personalised Photo Card for Santa Cam

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Official Santa Cam Surveillance Card

Personalized Children’s Christmas card to be used as evidence that Santa really is watching. Kids are clever so and so’s these days and they need evidence! So lay down the cold hard facts with a personalised photograph of them in the run up to Xmas that is sent direct from Santa’s HQ showing that santa is watching – so be good for goodness sake!

This personalised santa is watching card is a great way to let the kids know that santa is watching them in the run up to Christmas.All pictures will be turned into black and white CCTV pictures before developing.

You can order the personalised Childrens Christmas card, then via your order upload your photo, type the date and time of when this picture was taken and we will do the rest. Don't worry about making the photo look like security camera footage. We will add this CCTV grainy black and white effect for you just before printing.You can also type a personalised message inside the card.The card comes in a top secret envelope with official santa stickering on.

Goes perfectly with our personalised santa cam - Order your official santa cam here