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Natural pearl card

Natural pearl card

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Natural pearl card.


Front wording


With Love

On Our Pearl Wedding Anniversary 

My Darling Kim


Inside wording


Can you please position on the page as centrally aligned as per the picture I sent of the verse with the first line in larger text font  - I cannot format correctly on my iPad 


Our Anniversary 

is a moment to treasure

a day to remember

and a special reason to celebrate

one more year of loving you


We have lived together

learned together

and grown together

We've found a love that is strengthened 

in the gentle hands of time


Because we have nurtured each other's spirits

encouraged each other's dreams

held each other's burdens

and shared each other's joys...


Our Anniversary 

is a special reason to celebrate 

one more year of loving you



  1. Natural ribbon


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