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Wholesale Cards: Hashtag Christmas Cash Card
Christmas cash cards by The Luxe Co | Giving money as a gift send a personalised hashtag Christmas cash cards
A Wedding Card to give when giving money as a wedding card | The Luxe Co

Wholesale Cards: Hashtag Christmas Cash Card

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

When customers are in your shop and they are not planning to buy anything because they already plan to give cash as an Xmas gift. Present them with a cool way of giving that cash and net them walking away with a purchase from you where they likely wouldn't have purchased.

Making a gift out of giving money - christmas cash cards have a cute miniature glassine envelope with a paper £10 note slip (not a real £10 of course), that's the customers job!

A cool card to gift money. The idea of giving cash as a gift feels like a cop out. But if you've got a cool way of gifting it then cash is king! We've got you. You can fold a note and put it into the envie. For large wads of cash customers can put this money inside the card itself.

This collection is part of our wholesale greetings cards range available for shops and retailers.

DETAILS: A6 | Supplied with kraft envelope | Cello wrapped.

USE: Birthday Cash | Christmas Cash | Driving Lessons Cash etc.

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