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A tribute to a life well lived - luxury personalised orchid sympathy cards

Life is a journey and the only certainty in life that we have is that the journey begins & it ends. And it's up to us to live a life well lived in between. 

We have had the privilege of working with clients for the most joyous occasions in their lives. Whether thats personalised special birthday cards, wedding days, christenings, mothers days. And until recently, we didn't even have a sympathy cards section on the website. Purely because our cards are about joy and love and all the fun. That's what we've always been about.

Sympathy and sadness feels so far away from what our cards are.

In fact, many years ago a regular client came to us for a sympathy card for their twin daughters and it just broke our hearts. As parents with a young daughter ourselves. We couldn't bring ourselves to charge the client for the card at the end of the custom design process - which doesn't make good business sense at all does it - but we just couldn't bring ourselves to charge them for it. It was too raw. So I'm no cut throat business woman that much is clear.

From there however, we knew that luxury personalised sympathy cards were something that clients wanted. Our google analytics tells us this too. 

So we've launched a range of beautiful heartfelt personalised sympathy cards suitable to say I'm thinking of you at a sad time, or as we like to see it - a beautiful way to celebrate a life well lived. Or lived well.

It's the only way that I can get my head around offering funeral and bereavement cards. To look at the joy that person brought to life and the lives around them. And the joy that one of our cards can bring to the recipient opening it. I hope you like the creations too.

The scented lily and black orchid sympathy card can be tied with your choice of ribbon.  Most opt for an ivory or black ribbon in keeping with funeral / sympathy colours but the design looks awesome with a pop of the persons fave colour. What about a shocking pink lipstick lover or royal blue football team colours. Little gestures like this could bring a smile to the recipient. Order the orchid lily sympathy card here

For something traditional our 24k gold plated diamante cross pendant card comes boxed with black tissue lined box and comes be personalised with your message and ribbon colour. Shown here with black ribbon for a black sympathy card. 

Traditional cross sympathy cards | The Luxe Co

Order your cross sympathy card here

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