Personalised cards - Using The Online Personaliser


Click to watch our handy how to guide showing you how you use the online card personaliser.

We've been making personalised cards since 2005. And we're the best at it. We've made cards for 1000's of happy customers, 100's of celebrities and VIP's, loads of stuff for events as well as our biggest commission for The Queen. The old website didn't allow you to see a preview of your wordings or colours so you simply typed your wording in and we would lay out according to how we thought looked best.

But for personalised items it's great as a customer, to be in control, to be able to lay out exactly as you'd like it and see it before ordering.

The online personaliser has been years in the making. It quite simply does everything our old website couldn't do and that customers had long asked for. It's a complex piece of kit behind the scenes on the website that we've waited over 10 years to build. And re-mortgaged our house for. And sold our children for. And then some. Everything we've done over the last 14 years running our business has led us to this point.

It allows you the customer to preview your chosen wording and colour options on screen for a personalised card or gift before you place the order. It gives you the tools to lay out, choose fonts, choose size to get your special order exactly as you want it before we make it for you.

This is why we have the online personaliser. It allows you to get an order exactly as you want it before you choose to buy. If it's not right you change it, make it right then place the order. We then hand make bespoke to your order specifications. How good is that!

You wouldn't believe it if we told you that a customer complained recently because we had designed her card exactly as she had ordered it. An exact replica side by side of her digital proof that she had designed, previewed and then been happy to place her order, against the printed version that we had hand made for her. Her complaint was that her wording was tiny and that we should have checked with her before sending it because it so obviously looked silly. Did we not check orders before they went out? And that it's our fault that she's not happy with her wording. Etc. Etc. Obviously, an email like this makes us sad, ruins a morning and is completely unjust.

I want to make things clear for all customers: we are YOUR designers. We work to YOUR spec. We hand make YOUR order to make it look like YOUR proof. We print YOUR wording. We design in YOUR colours. If you are not happy with how the item looks on screen before you place the order YOU make the changes necessary to get it 100% perfect and as you'd like it.

That's the beauty with the online personaliser you see. You decide how it looks. And no longer us (like in the old days, as good as they were). This is progress. This is 2020 where you order something personalised online that ensures you're getting something unique to you that you have designed and previewed before placing your order. It's not acceptable to place fault on really nice human beings that work in my design studio, who take great pride in their work, and are exceptionally brilliant at their jobs, when all they have done is designed an order correctly and as it's been placed by the customer. It's nice human practice. Take responsibility for your own actions. There isn't always somebody else to blame. 

Please enjoy using the online personaliser to get your special items looking tip top before placing the order. Here's some handy tips on using the online personaliser if you're new to personalising online. Not sure what to write? Here's some helpful wording tips to say in your card