Let's Get Visual! Video Showcases are here

Let's Get Visual! Video Showcases are here

We've been busy at The Luxe Co HQ adding video showcases to all of our luxury greetings card designs. Seeing is believing with our card designs (it's true when we say they are really not like anything else out there!) and we felt it was the next step in showcasing the beauty and 3d nature of our designs. The glitz and the glamour. The razz pitazz and all that jazz. There's nothing quite like seeing depth and sparkle in a moving video. And our designs are pretty special. You kind of need to see the card from different angles to appreciate the detail.  

See The Luxury Scented Mistletoe Collection as an example page below. The top image is the main image. A close up flat image that gives detail but in essence is still. But if you take a look at the second image down, this is where the video sits and if you click through to this page you'll get to see the camera pan around the mistletoe to show the true depth and movement of the design. 

To view all video's |  Find your favourite product | Next, Click the black button that says " LET'S START... personalising your card > Looks like the below:

This button takes you to the product personaliser page for that product, where you will find the video for that design. Take a look through the images and you will find a quick 15 second video show case of the design. We hope you enjoy using this new function.

It's taken a lot of behind the scenes work to create the videos and we really hope they are helpful for you. If there's anything you'd like to see drop us a message we'd really love to hear + help where possible.

We hope you like this brand new feature. We're loving it and customers are loving it too. We hope you enjoy using the new feature.

Next we'll be working on showcasing each of the card designs in a mini video where we'll be talking about each design in detail to give you a real feel for each design. You'll get to meet your designers + hear them talk about each design. Stay tuned...

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