About Us

We are a small UK family business making the most gorgeous handmade greetings cards and matching handmade gifts to go alongside them.

We make pretty things all day long from our UK studio. It's a happy place, filled with the whirling of printers, the snipping of tailors scissors, ribbons adorn the walls in rainbow hues, sparkles and crystals catch the light and smells of our scented designs fill the air. It really is a welcome place.

We're beyond proud to have served Royalty, VIP's, heads of state, footballers and celebrities since 2005. Our core clientele that we designed bespoke one off commissions for. It's just pure magic to us that our clients return time + time again for that special design. 
And now we've opened up this website to allow online personalising so that everybody can find that stand out piece for the most special of occasions in life at the click of a button. We're not for the everyday (we think Moonpig pretty much have you covered there) but for those really really special people in your life on the most special moments where only the best will do. We're here for that! Our sole aim is to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD and our designs tell that story. From the initial idea, concept, design and packing. We try to think of every last detail to meet our clients high standards.


Every design is handmade from scratch in the UK using the finest luxury materials.

From the card itself that is FSC certified and duplexed by hand using traditional methods to make super thick sturdy cards, 600gsm no less to reflect the luxury that our customers come to expect. Adorned with handmade velvet roses, bouquets on a card and splashed with sparkles and confetti, scented with luxury fragrance oils. My oh my. Our designs are a celebration on a card. We're artists and designers by trade and our designs are like nothing you've ever see before. 

Designs are usually hand painted first before scanning and printing for something completely unique. 

Your designer is on hand to make your piece from fresh per order. We're not mass produced or factory conveyor belt items. But one off handmade pieces made by our hands with so much love and care for what we do. Sometimes we have to close the website for new orders to maintain the standard, but we'll always let our faithful customers know in advance if this is the case. We try to avoid this wherever possible. We've always wanted to maintain the truly one-off handmade nature of our business and don't ever expect to change this in order to grow into yet another mass produced company. We like it this way.

We hope you find something that makes your heart skip a beat for your special someone. 

Love Kelly (owner)