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  • A tribute to a life well lived - luxury personalised orchid sympathy cards

    Life is a journey and the only certainty in life that we have is that the journey begins & it ends. And it's up to us to live a life well lived in between. Our pick of the most luxury and unique sympathy cards, funeral cards, thinking of you cards, bereavement cards to put a smile on the recipients face
  • Luxury Personalised Handmade 50th Birthday Card Ideas

    50th Birthday Card Ideas - What card designs are suitable to give as a 50th birthday card? Check out The most popular personalised 50th birthday cards handmade with silky ribbon sashes to suit the birthday girls fave colours and personalised with wording to suit a 50th birthday celebration. All available via the online personaliser through The Luxe Co to order and personalise online UK.
  • Where to buy Gay Wedding Cards Online UK

    Where is the best place to buy gay wedding cards? You're in the right place if you want stand out - fab-u-lous-gay wedding cards. We've got you. Scented maginifi-scent floral bloom card creations that are like nothing you've ever seen before. read more about the most magnificent gay wedding cards you've ever seen. Online. UK. ever! By Luxury card makers The Luxe Card Co.
  • Aquamarine Birthstone Symbols and Meanings - March

    Hello 1st of the month. Hello March's Birthstone: Aquamarine Every month has it's own unique birthstone. Said to reflect the characteristics of th...
  • A Youtube video showing How to personalise your luxury card online

    Want to see how really super easy it is to personalise your luxury card online from the comfort of your armchair? Check out this handy quick video...
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  • July Birthstone Meaning for July Birthdays - RUBY

    The birthstone for July is 'RUBY' ruby red in colour. Rubies can range from dark deep red shade to very vibrant reds not dissimilar to Dorothy's Ruby red slippers. 

    Rubies are the birthstone of July. Ruby's represent love, health and wisdom. They are considered to be the ultimate of all gems and it was believed wearing a Ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner. A Ruby is the most valuable gemstone and is given as a birthday gift for birthdays that fall in the month of July.

  • A hug in the post for your super hero...

    My little girl said the other day that she feels hopeless and that feeling hopeless was the worst feeling to have because you just wait with hope. ...
  • A Video Guide: How to personalise your card online with the online personaliser

    It's easy peasy personalising your card. Check out Si's handy guide showing you how you can use the online personaliser to order a luxury handmade card. Like moonpig, but luxury and gorgeous!
  • Aquamarine Birthstone Symbols and Meanings - March

    Hello 1st of March.... hello aquamarine birthstone. Every month has it's own unique birthstone. Said to reflect the characteristics of the birthday girl / birthday boy, like a star sign. The birthstone for March is 'AQUAMARINE' a beautiful blue colour. They can range from azul turquoisey shades to pale blues. 
  • Amethyst Birthstone Symbols and Meanings - February

    What's the birthstone for February ? Amethyst. A beautiful purple or violet quartz colour. Amethysts can range from deep violet shades to pale lilacs. The word 'amethyst' is derived from from the word amethystos, a Greek word meaning “sober” or "to not intoxicate." Amethysts are believed to give the recipient a clear head (sober), give clarity on a situation. Soothing a stressed mind. They represent creativity and are said to inspire or awaken. A symbol of strong friendship - Give an amethyst birthday card to strengthen that friendship, manifest energy, peace and love to the wearer. In the home amethysts are used to create positive energy flow so whilst your card is up, let it channel positivity for the birthday girl. 
  • The Most Romantic Valentines Cards ever

    It takes 60 rose heads to make a single drop of rose oil. The most romantic scented red rose valentines day cards like ever. Ever.