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Luxury Bath and Body Gift Ideas - thoughtful gifts to balance, soothe and restore 

Our call for a long time has been to reconnect with Nature to create thoughtful products that make the most thoughtful gifts.

We have been working with energy clearing, raising vibrations and nature for a while, One of us is a yoga teacher. One is Reiki level II attuned, working with crystals and sound baths.  It's been a natural pull to create gifts that work in altering changing one's energy through caring for oneself and thus improving wellbeing.

We wanted to create the most beautiful wellness gifts and self care gifts / self love products that improve lives. The simple act of taking time out to take a bath, self care, an act of self love can change your whole energy. A shift in energy affects how life runs for us. There are many other tools such as crystals, exercise, sounds and senses that alter our energies and vibrations. 

You can order any of the below self care gifts as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, (to pass the love on) or as a treat for the self with FREE TRACKED SHIPPING for orders over £50.

All of our bath + body products are: vegan friendly, hand made in UK.

Shop our favourite bath and body gifts below

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