What to say in a Anniversary Card

A guide to what to write on or inside personalised anniversary cards by Clare (owner of The Luxe Co)

With a Luxe Co card you can literally say it your way. Any way. On the front and the inside of your personalised wedding anniversary card if you wish. But what should you write? There are no rules when it comes to writing a anniversary card. Some of the most beautiful wordings we see come from the heart. And you can tell that. They're not fancy, they don't rhyme but they come from a place of meaning and it's those verses and wordings that stand out for us. Our biggest tip is to write from the heart. Say what you feel. Don't worry if it's not all fancy pants and formal or that it doesn't rhyme. You don't need all of that. All things done with love mean the most. We've put together our most favourite anniversary card poems and verses from 15 years in the greetings card industry that our customers like to add inside. We hope they inspire you and help you write the perfect anniversary card.

What to write in a Wedding Anniversary Card 



Diamonds (insert gemstone here) have their sparkle

That can be seen from every view

But it’s the years you’ve shared together

That most of all, shine through

Have a wonderful time together celebrating in style!

With love and best wishes



(Anniversary card wording for friends on their anniversary or parents, simply insert the anniversary years to suit)  

One by one each year flew by,

Since you both said ‘‘I do’’...

40 years of memories, shared by the two of you,

From big events and holidays,

To simple daily pleasures,

Some tearful times along life’s way,

Some joys that can’t be measured...

One by one each year now gone, but still they’re yours forever...

Each and every memory,

Of Forty years together.



(Anniversary card wording for a wife to give to her husband on their anniversary or Husband to wife) 

Here’s to the years we’ve spent together,

Here’s to our journey through life.

Here’s to the love and the loyalty,

That binds us as husband and wife.

Let’s celebrate all our achievements,

Let’s be thankful for all that we’ve had.

Let’s wish us a future that’s happier still,

Let’s raise a glass and be glad.

May our smiles sustain one another,

May we continue to share and to give.

May our friendship and trust ever deepen,

As long as we both shall live.





Today as both of you look back

With happiness and pride

Upon the fifty cherished years

That you’ve spent side by side,

May every memory that you share

Of dreams you’ve seen come true,

Help make this special Golden day

A happy one for you!




50 years today

And we’re still going strong

We’ve been so very happy

It doesn’t seem that long

Another 50 years would be

So wonderful it’s true

Let’s hope that we will live that long

Together, me and you

Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary




Happy Anniversary to my darling Wife

I love you for your thoughtfulness

Your understanding way

And for the countless little things

You do for me each day

I love you for the hopes and dreams

You’ve helped to make come true

But most of all I love you

Just for being YOU

With all my Total love today and always



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