What to say in a Engagement Card

A guide to what to write on or inside personalised Engagement cards by Clare (owner of The Luxe Co)

With a Luxe Co card you can literally say it your way. Any way. On the front and the inside of your personalised engagement card if you wish. But what should you write? There are no rules when it comes to writing an engagement card. Some of the most beautiful wordings we see come from the heart. And you can tell that. They're not fancy, they don't rhyme but they come from a place of meaning and it's those verses and wordings that stand out for us. Our biggest tip is to write from the heart. Say what you feel. Don't worry if it's not all fancy pants and formal or that it doesn't rhyme. You don't need all of that. All things done with love mean the most. We've put together our most favourite engagement card poems and verses from 15 years in the greetings card industry that our customers like to add inside. We hope they inspire you and help you write the perfect engagement congratulations card.

What to write in a Congratulations Engagement Card 



May your engagement prove to be

A time of sheer delight

And may the dreams and plans you share

Turn out exactly right

Then when the two of you become

Happy husband, happy wife

May you both spend a wonderful

And joyful married life!

With love and best wishes



Once in a while

In the middle of an ordinary life

Love gives us a fairy tale



To a very special couple

Who make a perfect pair

This brings a wish for happiness

In the future you will share



A really wonderful future

With hope of dreams-come-true

And all the happiness in the world

wished forever for the two of you



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