A hug in the post for your super hero...

A hug in the post for your super hero...

My little girl said the other day that she feels hopeless and that feeling hopeless was the worst feeling to have because you just wait with hope. But when you have no hope what’s the point in just waiting. It absolutely broke my heart and we had a big chat and I confirmed to her that we do have hope. We have more hope than we even know. We have all the wonderful people who are working tirelessly to help the poorly and make things right. And that they won’t stop until that happens. No matter how tired they get. They’re our hope.  She said well we need to help them.

So we decided to react. We believe in the art of correspondence too. And the inspiring doorstep clapping for keyworkers the other evening, where we spoke to a few keyworkers who felt inspired and motivated to carry on, gave us thought. So we wanted to do something where if just one of these keyworkers felt impacted by our time at home in isolation – then it had been time well spent and potentially saved lives through keeping the mental health / morale on track for a key worker.

We’ve created a free posted out thank you note card for keyworkers that we want to land on the doormats (by post) before setting out to work to fight our cause of hope. Or arrive at a ward for example, at a hospital or at a council offices that are still operational etc -  To let them know that anonymously they’re someone’s / everyone’s hero. Anybody can send one to anybody they feel deserves one. Here’s a link to the note card. https://theluxeco.co.uk/products/free-card-for-coronavirus-key-workers

I know it’s a small thing, but the small things can matter. We have stock sat on our shelves that could boost morale of a very tired keyworker. We’re charging just P&P to get these posted by Royal Mail with delivery confirmation so they can be tracked to make sure you know it’s arrived with the recipient and then any profits left from that will be donated to the NHS.

We want to make someone feel better by doing what we know how. Get yours here

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