What to write in a Personalised card

What should I say on or inside my card ?

They say that love makes the world go round. We spend our days surrounded with many customers wordings that have the most heartfelt sentiments to who they are from and who they are for. Everything is personal to you!

Our customers write the most wonderful personalised messages to their loved ones. And the ones that tug the most at our heartstrings are the ones that come straight from the heart. You can just tell.

With a Luxe Co card you can literally say it any way you like. YOUR WAY.

But what should you say in a card? There are no rules when it comes to writing a card. Some of the most beautiful wordings we get come from the heart. They're not fancy, they don't rhyme but they come from a place of meaning and it's those verses and wordings that stand out for us. Our biggest tip is to write from the heart. Don't worry if it's not all fancy pants and formal or that it doesn't rhyme. You don't need all of that. All things done with love mean the most.

But if you are struggling for inspiration we've put together our favourite and most popular wordings that our customers love to inspire you and help you write the perfect card.

Click on the links to find helpful verses, poems, sentiments for what to say for each occasion. 

What to write in a Wedding Card

What to write in a Anniversary Card

What to write in a Birthday Card

What to write in an Engagement Card

More coming soon....