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Our personalised luxury cards for anniversaries are like gifts. Designed to be treasured. Handmade and boxed to make a thoughtful anniversary gift. A beautiful memory of a special milestone.

Handmade Personalised Anniversary Gifts to collect year after year. Designed to be to treasured in the memory box for years to come. We are mainly a luxury greetings card company and that's our thing. You can see all our luxury personalised cards for anniversaries here. We've naturally added a few of these special anniversary cards here which act as traditional milestone gifts for all the important anniversaries. As well as a selection of small token anniversary gifts along the way - to accompany our cards.

Here you'll find a small selection of luxury gifts for anniversaries designed to be treasured. That can be bought alone (without a card). Really beautiful well thought out unique gifts to give to a special couple on their wedding anniversary.

Our Bloom Design features scented forever roses that are handmade and last a lifetime. Designed to symbolise forever love. An enduring love that lasts a lifetime. Designed to be a luxury anniversary card + gift in one that the couple will keep as a memento of their special anniversary. 

Luxury first anniversary gift - Paper order your cotton + paper scented cotton flower Bloom card here for the perfect first anniversary keepsake gift to be treasured for special 1st anniversaries.

Luxury second anniversary gift - Cotton order your scented forever cotton flower Bloom card here for the perfect second luxury anniversary keepsake gift to be treasured for special 2nd anniversaries.

Luxury third anniversary gift - Sunflower order your scented sunflower Bloom card here for the perfect third luxury anniversary keepsake gift to be treasured for special 3rd anniversaries.

Luxury fourth anniversary gift - Linen order your scented forever linen and rose Bloom card here for the perfect fourth luxury anniversary keepsake gift to be treasured for special 4th anniversaries.

Luxury fifth anniversary gift - Wood order your scented forever rose and wood Bloom card here for the perfect fifth luxury anniversary keepsake gift to be treasured for special 5th anniversaries.

From luxury first wedding anniversary gifts | luxury 1st anniversary gifts, 25th anniversary, 40th anniversary all the way through to the 70th anniversary. 

Shop Luxury Forever Bloom Anniversary Gifts by Year: 1ST YEAR: Paper | 2ND YEAR: Cotton | 3RD YEAR: Leather | 4TH YEAR: Linen | 5TH YEAR: Wood | 6TH YEAR: Iron / Candy | 7TH YEAR: Wool/ Copper | 8TH YEAR: Bronze | 9TH YEAR: Pottery | 10TH YEAR: Tin/ Aluminium | 11TH YEAR: Steel | 12TH YEAR: Silk | 13TH YEAR: Lace | 14TH YEAR: Ivory | 15TH YEAR: Crystal | 20TH YEAR: China | 25TH YEAR: Silver | 30TH YEAR: Pearl | 35TH YEAR: Coral | 40TH YEAR: Ruby | 45TH YEAR: Sapphire | 50TH YEAR: Gold | 55TH YEAR: Emerald | 60TH YEAR: Diamond | 70TH YEAR: Platinum or Diamond

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