Luxe Points

We love collecting points and want to reward our long standing customers who have been with us on our journey from kitchen table to having our own studio's and having a full team. When you sign up for an account with us you are automatically eligible to collect Luxe Points rewards on your orders. If you have an account with us already, then just log in & you'll start accruing Luxe Points automatically from the day we launched the rewards platform (17th Feb 2023).

Luxe Points = money off orders / free shipping / + free things

Ways to collect Luxe Points:

Ordering with us. For every £1 you spend on our website you get 5 Luxe Points added in your account automatically. 100 Luxe Points = £1

As a customer who buys a few items from us over the year, even only on their super special occasions for cards + gifts - these points add up fast. Say you buy a Bloom scented card you will get 175 points instantly without doing anything. You were going to purchase it any way and theres no expiry date on those points. Simply sit back and let those points mount up.

There are so many other ways to get more points too:

- By adding your birthday to your account you will get 200 points on your birthday just because it's your birthday - and we love you.

- Sharing our website on facebook / instagram / twitter you get points too. Explore the gift icon at the bottom of the website to start earning your points. 

REFER US - If you refer us to a friend - both you and they - get £5 to spend on our website on absolutely anything that takes your fancy. 

And not just points, very soon we'll be adding a VIP section to your points where you can collect points to get free things. Literally free things sent out to you just from collecting points. Whether thats a free pack of wax melts or a free card or candle. We're not sure on the details but you'll know that everything we do is beautiful.

Click on the gift icon thats at the bottom of our website to start collecting. Looks like this:

Once signed in to your account when you click on this gift button it will show your points total as well as ways to earn more points.

When you click on the tab ' Ways to earn > ' you'll see all the ways to gather your points up. It's quite addictive. We love collecting points!