Tips when ordering personalised item

The online personaliser has been years in the making. It quite simply does everything our old website couldn't do and that customers had long asked for.

It allows you to preview your chosen wording and colour options on screen for a personalised greetings card or gift before you choose to move onto the next stage (add to basket + checking out).

Choose your size first and then start designing. If you start designing and then change your mind on the size, you will need to refresh the page to start again. This is because the website builds your choices based on your chosen size. If you change your mind on size the website has already started building the options for the size you first selected. So for example the wrong size ribbon colour will now show on your new size. This can look messy for you and confuse things. It's best if you change your mind on size to simply just REFRESH your browser and start again choosing the size first and then start building the wording and colour choices. 

Only add a personalised item to basket 'ADD TO BASKET' once you are happy with what you are looking at on screen. The item saves until 100%, then adds the saved design to your cart for us to receive as you've built it. 

It's really important that once in your shopping cart/basket if you then decide you want to change an item you will need to delete your incorrect item fully from the cart and start again. This is because your item was saved and any prices will stay in the cart. You can not go back and make changes to a personalised item that you have chosen to add to cart and has been saved. So you will simply need to delete the mistake from basket and start again.

The best way to avoid having to re-type and re-add to basket is by getting your order as you want it and tickety boo before you click 'ADD TO BASKET'

This is why we have the online personaliser. It allows you to get an order exactly as you want it before you choose pay. 

Whilst you design online the image should show you a digital preview of each choice as you design. For example choose the ribbon colour and this colour should appear where the ribbon sits on your chosen design. If you then decide to change the size of the card, the old ribbon will stay on your image. If this happens it's best to re-load the page again and choose the size you want before you start properly designing.

The online personaliser shows you a digital mock up of how your wording will look in the design. It's digital so when we hand make your card your details will be copied into the physical items. There may be slight variations from the digital screen image to the handmade finished item, naturally, we are not robots. Yet.