Luxury Personalised Handmade 50th Birthday Card Ideas

A selection of Ideas for the most luxury 50th birthday cards personalised and handmade for a 50th birthday celebration. 
Be inspired with the below ideas for 50th birthday cards - Check out our pick of the most popular personalised 50th birthday cards handmade with silky ribbon sashes to suit the birthday girls fave colours and personalised with wording to suit a 50th birthday. These 50th Birthday Card Ideas are all available via The Luxe Co to order and personalise online. We're starting to add special age sections to the website to help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for / when they're looking for it. First up it's 50th cards for birthdays all housed in their own collection on the website here 
Fifty & Fabulous 50th birthday card from the scented peony collection 
Fabulous at Fifty! You bet she is!! This was based on our idea that life really does begin at 50. Order your personalised peony birthday card here. This fabulous at fifty 50th birthday card above shows personalised wording: FIFTY & FABULOUS and has been selected with the hot pink box bow tie. Choose yours here
Personalised luxury cards for best friend 50th birthday | The Luxe Co
Gorgeous handmade 50th birthday cards for special ladies with big bright scented pink rose and yellow ribbon
Hot pink velvet rose infused with rose oils will delight the birthday girl as she lifts the box off her 50th rose card to release the smell. Like a gift, our 50th birthday flower bouquet cards are a floral arrangement flower bouquet on a card. Oh so stylishly made. A 4D Sensory handmade card - A everlasting hot pink handmade velvet rose with foliage bouquet card. The worlds most unique personalised 50th cards for the special people in your world! Flowers are perfect for all special occasions, especially a special 50th birthday - as they symbolise love - so say it with flowers - everlasting fragranced roses to be exact. Click to personalise + order your hot pink scented rose 50th birthday cards here
 Big 50 personalised age luxury birthday cards The Luxe Co
A big 50 on the front of a hand-painted watercolour perfume bottle. Each Magnifi-scent 50th birthday designer flower card is individually handmade with a flower bomb of pink silk hydrangea flowers that burst out of the box. Infused with spring floral fragrance to compliment the floral explosion. Order your 50th birthday flower burst card here
50th birthday cards - personalised with age and handmade luxury birthday cards The Luxe Co
Personalise the front of your perfume bottle further. Above shows the same design for a ladies 50th birthday card but with personalised name and wording on the front. Card reads Personalised name Fabulous at 50! Personalised here with coral ribbon. 
Mum 50th birthday card - Personalised luxury cards for 50th birthdays by The Luxe Co
For peony lovers - A beautiful 50th birthday box of peony's personalised birthday card. Open the box to reveal a unique peony delight. This personalised peony 50th birthday card is infused with Spring Peonies: A floral fragrance that wafts out of the box when the recipient opens it. With notes of freshly cut peonies. Where you personalise the front tag with your wording. Order your personalised 50th birthday peonys birthday card here
Handmade 50th birthday cards are personalised in different colours to suit a 50th birthday. Choose from a rainbow of colours available for each design.
If you plan on surprising your mum to a wonderful afternoon tea for her 50th birthday treat, then the above card is an absolute must! We will print the plans inside the teabag on the front of the card that the 50th birthday girl is invited to pull out to read. Super cute.
Afternoon tea birthday cards where your hidden birthday message is printed inside a dangly teabag that dangles out of a teacup filled floral display. Beautiful. Handmade Personalised 50th Birthday cards can be personalised with your own wording printed on the front free of charge to make your card unique and personal to you with that all important dash of luxury. Order your teacup dotty 50th birthday card here
50th birthday cards mostly come boxed as to protect their 3D nature. But some have the option to be enveloped or boxed.
We can print your unique wording inside your personalised 50th birthday card too, in beautiful fonts that you choose yourself. Making cards for special 50th birthday age is what we do best. Available as large sized and the new A4 extra large cards. You won't find ordinary 50th birthday cards here, that's what the card shops are for. But you will find high end luxury 50th birthday cards for something a little bit fancy pants to mark truly special 50th birthdays for wife / 50th birthday card for husband, mother / father, grandmother, daughter / son. 
We hand make every single birthday card specially for 50th birthdays from our studio in the saddleworth hills in the Northwest of England UK. We ship across the UK as well as worldwide delivery and can offer fast shipping on next day birthday card orders placed before 1pm for next day delivery birthday cards.
Let us save you time and the extra postage of sending on by choosing to have your birthday card sent direct to the recipient, packaged ready for them to open. See Personalised birthday cards for her | personalised birthday cards for teenager | personalised kids birthday cards
We lead the way when it comes to luxury personalised cards for 50th birthdays. Order yours on the website today >

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