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The Most Romantic Valentines Cards ever

It was an easy brief to follow when a client asked us to create the most romantic valentines card. The card was to ooze romance and really wow their Wife with a valentines card that was completely different to what was already on the market. This client wanted romance and wow. 

A romantic card thats oozes romance to wow Wife this Valentines Day

Back then we'd already been working behind the scenes with fragranced cards as one off's for our VIP clientele. One-off custom made and designer cards for loved one's. A service that we offer cards for clients wanting something super special. And it's all about creating something bespoke and unique. A card that no one else in the world has had.

It seemed the obvious choice in this brief to incorporate the scent element into this design also. Click to personalise your romantic Fairytale card.

Rose fragrance oil for valentines cards

We chose red roses as they are the absolute ultimate when it comes to symbolising love and romance. The client was gifting his Wife a huge bouquet of 60 red roses and so the red rose on the card was going to carry on the theme to perfection. The rose on this card was to be an individual large velvet plush rose. That we then scent. The rose itself does not die. It is everlasting. And meant to symbolise everlasting love. Fragranced with pure rose petal fragrance initially. But we wanted our red roses to ooze luxury too and opted for a rose petal and exuberant oud to really portray that deep intense luxe feel whilst still being in keeping with the rose element.

The card was to be boxed like a gift. This wasn't to be any old valentines day card. It was a gift presented in a stylish black gift box. A heavy weight of card stock to carry on the luxury feel. Lidded and tied in a sumptuous pure silk bow.

Boxed valentines cards

Tissue lined to unveil and reveal the card. And to add to the theatre and drama, inside the box to be scattered with rose petals and real Swarovski Crystal scatter. 

Luxury romantic valentines cards

The card was to symbolise a tale as old as time: love. A traditional story by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve "La Belle et la Běte". The Fairytale card is a nod to this story, later to be told as Disney's Beauty and the Beast. With a fairytale belle jar print to house the rose.

Based on a real life fairytale... the best fairytale - yours. It has enchantment and magic with the cascading elements. The scent evokes feelings and emotion. We see it as the ultimate valentines card. It's 3d and tactile. It allows the receiver to engage with it. 

Luxury valentines card

The client was overjoyed with his designer valentines card. And we just knew that we had to launch some variation of the concept for all of our clients. Founder Clare said "everybody at some point in their lives should be gifted a Fairytale card" and that's what we did... we've created the most romantic valentines day card for everybody.

See Clare talking about these romantic cards on our youtube channel.

The original Fairytale card has had some tweaks to that of the clients' designer version such as silky satin ribbon instead of crushed silk ribbon etc. A couple of design elements that make it accessible for all. Where you personalise it on the front and inside with you unique heartfelt words.

Leave the rest to us... we'll add all the romance... a dash of rose petals here... and a scatter of crystals there. And finally a pipette of intense oud and rose fragrance that fills the air when the receiver opens their fairytale.

Designer valentines card

Interesting fact: it takes 60 rose heads to make a single drop of rose oil! 60!!! Remember I told you that the client was gifting his wife 60 red roses... It just had to be rose oil.

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