Gorgeous birthstone cards handmade with greens and peridot crystals for the month of August

What's the Birthstone for August?

Hello 1st of the month. Hello August Birthstone: Peridot

Every month has it's own unique birthstone. Said to reflect the characteristics of the birthday girl / birthday boy a little like a star sign. The birthstone for August is  'PERIDOT' pronounced 'peri-doh' a pale or vibrant green in colour it's one of the few birthstones that exist in just the one colour 'peridot'.

Peridot's represent new earth and life a gift from Mother Nature. They are considered to instill power and influence for the wearer. A Peridot is given as a birthday gift for birthdays that fall in the month of August.

We personalise peridot birthstone cards with a special message to the August birthday girl or birthday boy. To give a card that's not just a throw away item. A card that has meaning. Personalise yours here

Personalise your peridot card now


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